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In 2022, karate will be 100 years old – first introduced to Japan from Okinawa in 1922. The Shotokan style, founded in Japan in 1936 and organized into the Japan Karate Association (JKA) in 1949, has become a venerated martial art practised worldwide but the once-unified JKA has since 1977 fractured into dozens of independent associations, some controlled by the Japanese, others not.

We believe that the proliferation of these associations has in many cases had negative consequences by concentrating less on the underlying purpose of karate training and more on fast- track commercialism and self-interest. We are establishing a different kind of association for those instructors and students in search of a more satisfying overall karate experience. Our new association shall be known as Shin Sekai Shotokan Karate Kyokai, meaning New (Shin) World (Sekai) Shotokan Karate Association (Kyokai). As you can probably tell, “New” signifies that our association is defined by a new management and instruction model that we think may be different to that of any other karate group. We propose the simple acronym “NWS” to reflect “New World Shotokan” – our logo will incorporate the Shotokan tiger to signify our karate style.

NWS is a South African concept driven by four senior instructors, all with very long, very deep karate careers and pedigrees in the JKA as well as other fine Shotokan organizations. NWS also includes several instructors who are based around the world and we hope other international instructors will be encouraged to join us. All interested karateka can contact us at nwshotokan@gmail.com. All enquiries shall be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

The founder was Sensei Nigel Jackson, 9th Dan, an elder karate statesman who lived in Tokyo between 1967 and 1971, trained at the JKA Honbu dojo in Suidobashi, Tokyo, and was one of the first non-Japanese to graduate from the JKA`s Kenshusei programme.